50+ Egg Decorating Ideas

Try something new this year with one of these creatives Easter egg decorating ideas for kids! There are over 50 unique designs and techniques!

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50 egg decorating ideas for kids

Every year you know you are going to decorate eggs. It’s time to find new ideas to impress the children! All of these ideas are fun and easy to make! Kids will love having so many options and you’ll love seeing their creativity. You could also join in the fun!

Are you looking for great egg decorating ideas? You better stock up on eggs because you’re going to want to make them all! Check out how simple it can be to craft these eggs below. They are all adorable and fun!

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carton of brightly colored Easter eggs

Homemade Dye for Easter Eggs with Food Coloring – It doesn’t get any easier than this simple 3-ingredient Easter egg dye recipe! We’ve used it to achieve vibrant color in minutes!

a rainbow of naturally dyed eggs in a wooden bowl

Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs — 4 gorgeous rustic natural colors made with kitchen ingredients you probably have at home.

marbled easter eggs with nail polish

Marble Easter Eggs with Nail Polish — Dip the eggs in a bowl of nail polish water for a cool marbled effect!

Chalkboard Covered Easter Eggs

Easter eggs on the chalkboard — This cool chalkboard effect lets kids draw patterns with chalk!

marbled eggs;  "How to dye silk Easter eggs perfectly" text overlay

silk dyed eggs Silk dyed Easter eggs create a swirling, marbled effect.

brown eggs with drawn decorations

Simple Easter Eggs — Good tips for decorating brown eggs!

Shadow Easter Eggs

Ombre Easter Eggs — I love the colors of these eggs! So nice!

collage showing how to decorate eggs with Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid Easter Eggs Use Kool-Aid to create these colorful homemade dyes.

Collage of 4 photos showing children painting Easter eggs with watercolors

Watercolor egg painting with children — Watercolor painting for eggs is easy for kids to do.

eggs decorated with melted crayons

Crayon Shaving Decorated Easter Eggs — See how you can use these pencil shavings or old broken pencils to create something beautiful!

eggs decorated to look like burgers

Hamburger Easter Eggs These cute eggs are decorated to look like burgers!

glitter covered eggs

Glitter Easter Eggs — Glitter doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Find out how you can use it for eggs!

speckled easter eggs

Speckled Easter Eggs — Kids will have fun making their own speckled eggs!

rainbow marbled eggs

Sharpie Tie-Dye Easter Eggs — You can easily use markers to create a fun look!

Star Wars Decorated Easter Eggs

Star Wars Painted Easter Eggs — They are AMAZING and perfect for Star Wars fans!

eggs decorated with shaving cream

Easter Eggs Shaving Cream “It’s not a myth. You can totally dye Easter eggs with shaving cream!

rainbow of speckled dyed eggs

How to dye Easter eggs with rice — Have you ever used rice to dye eggs? Who knew?!

white eggs with colored stickers

Easter Eggs Sticker Art – Such a fun activity for kids and a free printable coloring page too!

eggs decorated with drawings of faces of celebrities

Celebrity Easter Eggs — Check out this fun Easter “tattooing” activity! Make your favorite celebrities!

Cosmic Glitter Easter Eggs

Cosmic Easter Eggs – Holy cow, look how unique these eggs are! Perfect for space fans!

glitter covered easter eggs

Easy glitter egg decoration — Create fizzy eggs with this technique!

colorful marbled easter eggs

Marbled Easter Eggs — This is a great activity for younger children!

Easter eggs with white silhouette designs

silhouette easter eggs This is a unique way to make super cool Easter eggs!

Easter eggs decorated with tissue paper

Tissue Paper Easter Eggs – So much colorful glitter fun!

Easter eggs decorated to look like planets

Solar System Easter Eggs Any kid who loves the solar system will love this! Decorate the eggs to look like the planets!

Easter eggs decorated to look like LEGO people heads

LEGO Minifigure Decorated Easter Eggs — Perfect for a great LEGO activity for kids.

dyed eggs with geometric shapes

Easter eggs colored with food coloring Talk about a super easy way to do something cool.

Tie Dyed Eggs in Bright Primary Colors

DIY Tie Dye Easter Eggs — These Tie Dye Easter Eggs have the neatest designs!

pastel marbled eggs

Cool Whip Eggs — Who knew you could use Cool Whip for this? ! I love the colorful mixes!

eggs decorated with colorful patterns

Easy egg decorating for kids Another easy tie-dye trick!

Easter eggs decorated to look like ice cream cones

Easter Egg Ice Cream Cones I love this unique activity for kids! The eggs look like real ice cream cones!

Multicolored egg on a paper covered with paint

Paint Rolled Easter Egg — Paint the eggs by rolling them!

Pink Easter egg with a $ sign on it

DIY Money Bag Easter Eggs – What a funny design!

blue dyed eggs in egg cups

Vegetable Dyed Easter Eggs — Vegetables can create great colors for Easter eggs. That’s right…vegetables!

eggs covered with decorated paper

Easter eggs covered with origami paper “That would be a great family activity. And no worries about messy dye!

collage showing how to dye eggs with baking soda bubble dyes

baking soda easter eggs Do you have baking soda at home? Use it to create that sparkling effect!

eggs with Avengers themed stickers

Avengers Easter Eggs – Check out these totally rad eggs for Easter fun.

collage showing how to dye eggs with shaving cream

Easter Eggs Shaving Cream — Messy play combined with decorating Easter eggs!

eggs decorated with abstract modern design

Bold Dotted Abstract Easter Eggs I love this modern and quirky design!

hand holding a painted glow-in-the-dark egg

Bright Easter Eggs “These eggs will glow in the dark!”

eggs decorated to look like chicks and bunnies

Bunny and Chick Painted Easter Eggs — Make your Easter eggs look like cute little animals!

Easter themed fingerprint eggs

Fingerprint Easter egg decoration for kids Fingerprint eggs are a great way for little kids to decorate!

eggs decorated to look like lemons

lemon easter eggs — It’s such a cute and simple craft idea, to make lemons out of eggs!

eggs decorated to look like gnomes, with marshmallow beards

Gnome Easter Eggs You know you want to make gnomes!

white eggs with pastel patterns

silk tie eggs — If you’re looking for a unique egg activity, this is the one! Raid the closet and use old silk ties to create this look!

colored eggs with metallic gold foil

Gold Foil Easter Eggs — Metallic eggs are stars!

white egg with golden confetti

Confetti Easter Eggs — The confetti eggs will bring a whole new look to your decoration!

dyed eggs with black mustache designs

Mustache Easter Eggs — Your mustache makes these adorable eggs!!

eggs decorated with Easter themed temporary tattoos

Decorate Easter eggs with tattoos — Talk about a super cute and easy way to decorate your eggs.

pink and purple "princess" decorated eggs

Princess Easter Eggs — The princess crown egg holders are such a nice touch!

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