Best Freestanding Baby Gates for Kids Reviews 2020

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Your kids often have a playground to have fun with other friends or themselves. It could be their rooms, a living room, or a garden. Have you ever thought that your little ones are safe in the rooms? They will have accidents when climbing over the stairs or sliding in the garden. To ensure they play in a secured place, use a baby gate. How could you select the best freestanding baby gates for your kiddos? 


For those who have toddlers or one-year-old babies, parents need to buy a baby gate. This is a necessary part when you have stairs or gardens. Your kids will be dangerous if they come to the garden or kitchen. To avoid hazardous circumstances for your little ones, using a baby gate is a great way.

Gates placed in the right positions may keep them safe from bad hazards. Additionally, some products can be used for pets. Nonetheless, please keep in mind that a baby gate is suitable for young kids. When they can climb or open it, you have to change a new method.

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What Are The Best Freestanding Baby Gates?

  • Best overall: Toddleroo by North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard
  • Best for staircases: Dreambaby Chelsea auto close security gate
  • Best for quick installation: Summer Custom Fit Gate
  • Best overall: Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate
  • Best for outdoors and indoors: Evenflo versatile play space
  • Best for babies: Summer Infant multi-use deco extra tall
  • Best for doorways and in between rooms: North States multi-directional swing gate
  • Best for wide-opening spaces:  Munchkin easy close metal baby gate
  • Best for staircases: QDOS crystal baby safety gate
  • Best for tall kids: Regalo walk-thru baby gate

Top 10 Best Freestanding Baby Gates Reviews 2020

In this section, i’m going to show the advantages and disadvantages of top 10 best freestanding baby gates. In additional, there will be product specifications and a short description.

Best overall: Toddleroo by North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard

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Product Specs

Dimension 33 x 28 x 7 inches
Item weight 22 pounds
Material type Metal
Color Beige


  • Good quality
  • Strong and lightweight construction
  • Suitable for putting in an unsafe area
  • Ease of assembly (on a carpet, hardwood floor, a tile)


  • No instructions
  • Lack of proper accessories in the package (you need to buy extra elements)

Toddleroo by North States is a hand-free type, which weighs 36.2 pounds. The structure provides a combination between a play yard and a safety barrier that you can put in any room of the house. The frame is quite solid and lightweight so that kids cannot move the product and you ought to carry around.

The six panels are removable and adjustable, so you could organize many configurations. With various panels, it is simple to make enclosures in the staircase and around the stove.

The height is 30 inches permitting you to close off 19 square feet (approximately 8 panels). The double locking system, on the other hand, is seamless and childproof. The gate also has a pre-attached rubber foot to prevent incidents from the floor or the yard.

Best for staircases: Dreambaby Chelsea auto close security gate

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Product Specs

Dimension 31.5 x 0.8 x 29.9 inches
Item weight 9.85 pounds
Material type Steel
Color Black and White


  • Quick installation
  • Suitable for both infants and pets
  • No scratches, dents, and weak joints
  • Be a freestanding baby gate and a press-mounted one


  • Quite small space in the rail
  • Not durable at all

If you are looking for gates in the stair area, Dreambaby Chelsea should be on your list. It is also compatible with any house and we can install the gate with ease. We do not need to use screws or drills. Because of the design of parents, it is simple to use with one-handed operation. A door can be opened both directions and automatically closed after that.

The EZY-Check indicator allows the gate is locked promptly. The double-action locking makes toddlers cannot open the gate. Swing the product to open the door and it will close in a few seconds. This indicator also has a red light when the gate is not completely closed. Due to the good materials and strong frame, eager pets cannot unlock the door.

With a double locking feature, the gate may lock itself at the top and bottom, your little one will be risk-free in their playground. The Stay-Open feature, furthermore, holds the unit open with a straight pass when you use rooms at the same time. Only you know how easy open the gate is! Just use a one-hand latch button to slide and the door will open.

Generally speaking, this is the best freestanding baby gates at the top of the staircases.

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Best for quick installation: Summer Custom Fit Gate

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Product Specs

Dimension 30 x 0.2 x 29 inches
Item weight 1 pounds
Material type Mesh fabric
Color Grey


  • One-handed operation
  • Solid construction
  • Can be swung in many ways
  • Versatile baby gate
  • Ease of assembly, use, and extend
  • Affordable price point


  • Not childproof (kids can move the gate)

Summer Infant Custom Fit Gate is probably the lightest gate in this list. Because of the mesh fabric, it is not surprising that the frame is lightweight. However, it does not mean we cannot use it as a gate. It is still capable of keeping your little kids risk-free.

This equipment is also a tremendous solution for any wide-open space, doorways, and hallways. You can take it as a play fence or a small playground for kids in your house or playing area in the apartment. How could the door stand on? Thanks to the stopper and the bottom feature, the product is a true freestanding baby gate.

Is it easy to install the gate? Mount the item on the wall through hardware installment – do you think that it is a small game for anyone to set it up? It could be connected to ends with six panels. Just spend 50 seconds to assemble this gate!

Not only effortless installation but also hassle-free storage, it features rubber grips at the bottom so that the gate can move with ease and security. Use this baby gate as a bulkhead between rooms in your house is also an amazing idea. It might become a freestanding placard once you get two gates.

All good features in this product, you will own the best freestanding baby gates.

Best overall: Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate

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Product Specs

Dimension 27 x 2 x 29.5 inches
Item weight 3 pounds
Material type Metal
Color White


  • Solid construction
  • Good metal
  • Ease of installation


  • Little expensive
  • Not easy in using the latching hardware

Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate is a great combination of durability, versatility, and stability. The installation is pretty simple and fast. It takes only 15 minutes to set the whole gate.

The product comes with two colors – white and black. Additionally, it fits from 27 to 42 openings so that you can adjust the gate with ease. Made of aluminum and wood with a powder-coated finish, the door is lighter than steel. It also has the metal latch and hinge.

For me, a latch system is a good idea for both adults and babies or toddlers. This is because adults probably open the gate in a couple of seconds while your little ones get stuck in this part.

Best for outdoors and indoors: Evenflo versatile play space

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Product Specs

Dimension 7.5 x 34.5 x 27.8 inches
Item weight 16.88 pounds
Material type Metal or plastic parts
Color Cool Gray, Cream, and Multicolor


  • Unique design (the hinge model)
  • Versatile product (for infants, toddlers, and pets)
  • Can be used in the yard or indoors
  • Spacious
  • Fast installation


  • Sharp edges (you should pay attention to this point when babies go around)

If you are looking for an area for kids to play around, create the one in your house! It would be great if you have a garden or a yard. A versatile play space enables you to make that area.

Evenflo is not a freestanding baby gate but also a versatile play space.

It is designed for indoors and outdoors, providing over 18.5 square feet of a safe area. Reversible legs feature outdoor stakes for great protection. Whether taking this play space on the floor or any interior, it does not scratch on the surface.

Is it difficult to set up? No, it is super easy to assemble and fold. Thanks to the hinge design, simply connect all parts with the six panels. You do not have to bring any extra tools. Just follow the instruction!

All of the edges, on the other hand, are smooth and stable to carry out anywhere. When you want to expand the play space, enlarge two-panel extensions. Please keep in mind that these panels are sold separately.

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Best for babies: Summer Infant multi-use deco extra tall

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Product Specs

Dimension 48 x 0.5 x 36 inches
Item weight 21 pounds
Material type Metal
Color Wood, Slate, Bronze, Grey Wash, White, Grey, and Bronze


  • Well-constructed
  • Nice colors
  • Solid frame
  • Included auto-close feature


  • Little difficult installation
  • Little narrow bar-spacing

Sumer Infant Multi-use deco is an excellent combination between a pressure-mounted gate and a freestanding style. It also has a lot of hardware mounts so that you might determine how to install the door effortlessly. This baby proof fit 45-inch door openings (in width).

I love an auto-close feature because it slightly locks after I have opened the door or walked through. Furthermore, I only open it in one hand. When I have to keep too many things in hands, I cannot open the gate.

This helps me opening the lock in one second. Nonetheless, I need to watch out an old kid as he or she can reach the lock system from a step-over rail at the bottom. It will be a journey hazard!

The gate can swing in both directions when you use it in between rooms.

Keep in mind that you should utilize the hardware mounts to eliminate accidents if you put the product at the top of the stairs. A door stopper probably does not open toward the staircases by swinging.

Most of the prior customers agree this is the best freestanding baby gates for any parent to protect their little ones.

Best for doorways and in between rooms: North States multi-directional swing gate

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Product Specs

Dimension 29.2 x 28 x 2 inches
Item weight 14.4 pounds
Material Type Metal
Color White and Bronze


  • Full of features and attachments for regular using
  • Ease of assembly and use
  • Good locking mechanism
  • Luxurious color


  • Not suitable for old kids (from 3-year-old)
  • Quite expensive

North States multi-directional swing gate can be locked by one push only. Due to a triple-locking system, the door can swing many ways. The construction looks quite heavy and solid so that it could not be broken under strong friction. The design, on the other side, is simple and stylish with the white color. Therefore, it may fit in any home decoration.

Tension nobs retain the gate in place, so this product is suitable for doorways and between rooms. With two extensions, it also fits in wide spaces. In case you need to use more extensions, you can buy some from the manufacturer. These are not included in the package. A step-over rail (at the bottom) is a hazardous zone as toddlers can escape.

Best for wide-opening spaces: Munchkin easy close metal baby gate

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Product Specs

Dimension 32 x 30 x 3 inches
Item weight 13.7 pounds
Material type Metal
Color White


  • Stylish design
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Can be opened in different directions


  • Not durable in the bottom latch
  • Little bit pricey

Munchkin baby gate is a sleek and secure model. It features a dual-locking system, so it is easy to access and close. Moreover, the gate may swing in several directions no matter which way you are getting.

As a freestanding baby gate and a pressure-mounted one, security is an obvious point. The step-over rail could become a trip hazard for strong babies and toddlers. They can move the gate to open and get outside.

Draw attention to this point and consider it in your house. In another word, you should measure your needed opening before buying because you will make sure an ideal fit.

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Best for staircases: QDOS crystal baby safety gate

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Product Specs

Dimension 31.5 x 3 x 34 inches
Item weight 17.82 pounds
Material type Metal and Perspex
Color Crystal


  • Ease of set up (add four screws to the wall)
  • Versatile baby gates with pressure-mounted version, hardware one, and a freestanding door
  • Available kit (for use with banisters)
  • Could be mounted at any angle of the room


  • Need to be cleaned up every week (Because of the finger marks)
  • Not easy to find the gate (you should add colorful pieces of the decal to help your kids recognize)

QDOS crystal baby gate is made of strong pieces and clear of commercial-grade Perspex. This is a modern gate for protecting babies and toddlers in staircases and wide spaces.

You can mount the door anywhere in your house. Just be sure that you need to measure the place you will fit it. The door ranges between 29.2 inches and 39 inches (in high). Hardware and pressure-mounted options are accessible in this unit.

In case you want to expand the space, you ought to use extensions, which allows the door to increases to 48 inches. Please note that this feature is available in the pressure-mounted version.

This product also has a glow-strip, the base bar will appear at night. When the gate is shut, a magnetic lock and a glance indicator area automatically turned on.

With good features and unique materials, QDOS is the best freestanding baby gates for modern families.

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Best for tall kids: Regalo walk-thru baby gate

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Product Specs

Dimension 36.5 x 1 x 41 inches
Item weight 0.32 pounds
Material type Metal and Perspex
Color Black


  • Magnificent wall protectors (with pressure mounting)
  • The solid frame (from steel)
  • Ease of installation


  • Easy to get an accident in the low bar
  • Quite narrow in the opening space (you should lift the product as a baby carrier)

Openings of the Regalo fit from 29 inches and 38.5 inches, the product is possibly a-41-inch ample (in high). The gate is not only a freestanding style but also the pressure-mounted one and a hardware version. It includes a six-inch extension kit in its package, you do not have to buy these.

As usual, when you need to open a gate, you have to touch and bend a lock. Is it right? Forget this old habit and change the new one in the Regalo baby gate. Just touch in the release lever! Then, the door will be opened automatically. If your partner or you are slightly wide (over 16 inches in width), turn sideways to go through. This is not a serious matter.

This is the lightest baby gates I have ever seen (see the table). I think that the manufacturer aims to tall toddlers. They cannot climb over the barrier or crack with this unit. It is not an easy game to play.

Freestanding Baby Gates for Kids Buyer Guide: What to Consider When Buying?

Types of the baby gate

You may see many baby gates on the market, but this product has four main categories.

Freestanding gate 

Freestanding gate is a good tool for wide openings and weird-shaped areas. We can move it around as easy as pie and it does not require fitting features. The feet are made from rubber.

To keep the gate, wide-side panels and rubber feet will take that duty. These should be heavy so that toddlers cannot move the barrier with ease. Furthermore, the fence has a locking system to hold in place.

Hardware-mounted gate

The hardware-mounted gate is probably sturdier than a freestanding option. Because of screwed walls and door frames, they keep themselves in place securely. In case you have to get a gate for the top of the stairs, hardware-mounted gates will be the best.

However, these gates are not easy to fit all door frames and other corners of our houses. In other words, they require precise measurements with suitable techniques. The gate often does not have a base bar, so you do not trip up.

Please bear in mind that you need to open the gate toward the landing when putting the gate at the top of the stairs.

Pressure-mounted gate

A pressure-mounted gate uses tension its rigidity to keep the gate securely. The gates have different materials, kits, and widths for big spaces. Moreover, they have a base bar to fit in any wall or stairs around the house.

To prevent unexpected incidents, this category is suited in several areas such as the bottom of the stairs, on-level surfaces, and other hazards. You do not have to drill holes to fit the gate because the pressure points leave marks, where they make a connection.

Retractable gate

The function of a retractable gate is a roller blind. One part of the gate fits in a wall or a doorway. Another part may extend and hooks on the other side of that doorway or walls. This gate is also a good solution for covering uncertain angles or you do not want to have a permanent fixture.

Aspects to consider before buying a freestanding baby gate

Selecting a freestanding gate for your kids is not easy at all. It does not mean you pick a product randomly or focusing on a beautiful gate only. Although aesthetics is a factor to buy the best freestanding baby gate, you should take into account other things.

Purpose of using 

Do you want to prevent your kids to go down the stairs? Or are you going to keep them in a place of your house with an instant barrier? You need to think of this point as you will buy the right baby gate. Therefore, you will not fall on the purchase.

Safety certification 

This point is one of the most crucial features you should take into account of a gate. It is also a compass for you to buy the best freestanding baby gates. Safety standard varies from the main qualities to extra features.

In the baby gate, you can look for the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers) certification, which is a stamp of approval by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Check the Certified Product Directory on the JPMA website for the baby gate’s manufacturer. By doing this, you may feel confident to find the best freestanding baby gates without any problem.

Measure the gap in your house

As gates have a variety of widths (from narrow to additional wide) and extension panels, you should measure the gap where you place your gate. It is so frustrating if you get an inappropriate gate.


A baby gate should be at least 22 inches (in tall). To diminish the danger of climbing over, you need to estimate your kid’s height. When they have three feet tall, a gate is not necessary. In essence, just ensure that they cannot hop the gate over and falling.


In general, baby gates are made of one of three materials – wood, metal, and plastic. Some gates are Perspex. Wood and metal are not a big problem. However, plastic is possibly dangerous as it includes chemicals and toxins.

These may cause allergies or poisonous substances. For instance, Polyvinyl Chloride is not safe for children. Along with used materials, you need to aware of a baby’s gate. You know, sharp ends and loose screws could be high-risk.

Gate spacing

Why should you review the gate spacing? This factor makes sure that your little one cannot get stuck in between a baby slot. A good baby gate needs to be less than three inches. Read their manuals to find the gate spacing and the slat distance. A plastic telescopic rail in the gate will also prevent sudden accidents.

Ease of installation and use

You and I are not engineers, so we do not know how to install a machine or equipment. Am I wrong? Based on this point, you will be afraid of installing a baby gate. Commonly, you do not need to set up a complicated barrier!

A freestanding baby gate is so simple to put. Remember that it is easy to operate with you, not your little ones. In other words, a locking system does not allow a baby can go in and go out smoothly.

Some products have a one-handed feature for you to control and some are hands-free gates. You use a foot pedal to unlock the door! Primarily, your kids cannot escape and enter a danger zone.

Moreover, you have to check how securely a gate shut. Indicators in the gate to help you find out when it is greatly locked or having an auto-close function.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you buy a baby gate?

When your babies reach six months or before they begin crawling. Two-year-old toddlers are also the users for a gate. It may keep them away from dangerous zones and items in the house.

What ages do parents stop using a freestanding gate?

According to experts, children from 3-year-old toddlers can climb over the gate. The best time ranges from infants to two-year-old kids.

Do I need to use tools for assembling and installation? 

With a conventional gate, you have to use screws and some tools to drill. However, they are not available in a freestanding one. These can stand by themselves.

Where should I put the baby gate in my house?

With a freestanding baby gate, you probably take it anywhere from doorways to hallways and indoors. They are also ideal in outdoor areas and open spaces such as in the park.

What locking systems are good?

The lift-open lock and buttons are good for a young baby. Nevertheless, a child-proof lock is safe for toddlers or old babies. They can use their fingers to open the gate.


The best freestanding baby gates are various from a family from another. It depends on several things from a personal situation in the family. You ought to choose any brand, but make sure that the product is suitable and hassle-free.

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