Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 13-Year-Old Boys for 2020

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It can be hard to pick the best toys and gift ideas for 13-year-old boys as his needs have changed. So check out these cool gifts that will surely delight your teen. 


Are you looking for the best toys and gift ideas for 13-year-old boys? Then I’m sure you already by now how challenging this can be, no matter what the upcoming occasion is. You might notice that at his age, your kid has already changed a lot and has needs that are a bit difficult to understand.

So for today’s article, I’ve listed down cool gifts that I’m sure your 13-year-old boy will be thrilled to open, no matter the occasion is. Whether he is interested in sports, technology, music, etc., there will be something on my list that will delight your teenage boy.

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What Are The Best Toys And Gift Ideas For 13 Year Old Boys?

Editor’s Choice: Razor A2 Kick Scooter

Best for Drone Beginners: DBPOWER X400W FPV RC Quadcopter Drone

Best for High-End: X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Vibrating Black Leather Foldable Video Gaming Chair

Best for the Gamers: Gaming Headset with Mic for PC

Best for the Adventurous Ones: Razor A Kick Scooter

Best for Electronic Enthusiast: Threeking Smart Robot 

Best for Outdoor Lovers: Luxebell Accessories Kit for Action Camera

Best for RC Lovers: Altair Fast Remote Control Truck

Best for Camera Lovers: Ourlife Kids Waterproof Camera

Best for Creative Play: LEGO Technic WHACK! 42072 Building Kit 

Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 13-Year-Old Boys Reviews 2020

Editor’s Choice: Razor A2 Kick Scooter

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Product Specs

Dimensions 26.5 x 13 x 34 inches
Item weight 6 pounds
Material type Aircraft-grade Aluminum
Warranty 6 months


  • There are six colors you can choose from
  • It features patented rear fender brake that allows for quick stops
  • It’s made of sturdy material
  • It’s lightweight


  • It’s a bit challenging to fold and unfold the scooter

What makes Razor A2 Kick Scooter stand out is that it has got everything well blended, making it a gift your kid will love. First of all, it is very easy to use. The scooter’s handlebars can be adjusted to suit your kid’s comfort. There’s also a springless suspension on its front that will make your kid’s ride still comfortable even on bumpy pavements.

And what’s even great is that this scooter can be folded up for compact storage and carrying. It features patented T-tube as well as deck design that allows you to fold the scooter up into an easy to carry design. And when your kid is using it, this will lock in place to prevent any injury.

In addition to that, this scooter also features a patented rear fender that helps its rider to stop quickly. It also has a wheelie bar on its back that allows your kid to perform some tricks. It also available in a variety of colors so you can be sure you will find one that will suit your kid’s taste. The choices available are colors Black, Blue, Daisy Pink, Green, Purple, and Red.

Best for Drone Beginners: DBPOWER X400W FPV RC Quadcopter Drone

Shop now at Amazon

Product Specs

Dimensions 11.8 x 11.8 x 3 inches
Item weight 1.65 pounds
Batteries 3 AA batteries
Warranty 30 Days Money back
1-year free quality warranty after you purchase


  • It flies smoothly and steadily
  • It can be easily maneuvered using iPhone and Android devices
  • It has LED lights that boost visibility in dark areas and during night
  • It has long-lasting battery


  • It takes a long time to charge

The DBPower X400W FPV RC Quadcopter is going to make your kid’s outdoor adventure an unforgettable one. One of its main features is the headless mode that allows its user to easily control the drone’s flying direction without worrying about which way it is facing.

This drone also takes incredible 3D images and videos, something interesting your son can explore at a young age. All it takes is a press of a button and one push of the direction stick and the drone will flip to give sharp and decent images or video you want, thanks to its powerful HD 720p camera.

I also like that this drone is very responsive, making it very easy to learn, especially for a beginner. There are also multiple speed options your kid can choose from so he can comfortably fly this drone. And just in case it accidentally hits hard surfaces, don’t worry as this drone comes with prop guards which help keep it safe from possible damages.

Another amazing feature of the DBPower X400W FPV RC Quadcopter is that it only takes one touch of a button and you will find the drone instantly flying in the direction of its transmitter, thanks to its One Key Return Home Feature.

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Best for High-End: X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Vibrating Black Leather Foldable Video Gaming Chair

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Product Specs

Dimensions 28.5 x 23 x 23.5 inches
Item weight 52.8 pounds
Material type Vinyl, Arms, Foam, Audio, Subwoofer, Metal


  • It can be connected with multiple chairs of the same model
  • It can receive audio from nearly all types of source
  • It features an ergonomic design that makes it super comfortable
  • It only takes a few minutes to assemble


  • The fins giving structural support are made of plastic

We all know how young boys can sometimes get obsessive about video games. So why don’t you help him get fully immersed in his fantasy world comfortably so he can get to enjoy hours of fun at the same time remain healthy?

Since he will be spending most of his time sitting, this gaming chair by X Rocker will be the best gift. This is one of the best-selling gaming chairs in the market. What makes it famous is that it has built-in subwoofers and speakers that provide a total surround sound experience so you can get to enjoy more realistic sound immersion.

In addition to that, the 2.1 AFM technology has also been incorporated, so it generates vibration sounds that make your experience even better. This means you can feel the sound whenever you are playing a game packed with action or even when you’re just watching a movie or listening to music.

This chair is also very functional as it can quickly be linked to most media sources like Xbox, Playstation and even with your TV. All you have to do is use the wireless transmitter so you can transfer the audio from any media source that has RCA outputs and begin enjoying a full entertainment pleasure with your chair.

It also features an ergonomic design that makes long sessions of playing games a comfortable one. It has gunstock arms too that will even more comfortable and you can tilt the chair the way that you want.

Best for the Gamers: Gaming Headset with Mic for PC

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Product Specs

Dimensions 7.5 x 4 x 8.6 inches
Item weight 0.64 ounces
Hardware platform Windows 10, Desktop Computer, PC, Playstation 4


  • It’s comfortable to the ears and head
  • It’s compatible with several devices
  • It comes in great quality


  • Its microphone has been designed to stay only on the left side

Here’s another gift item that I’m sure every gamer will love. This gaming headset has been designed to make your teen’s gaming time even better. What’s great about this product is that it can cut all the noise from the outside, making it possible for your kid to focus more on his gaming activity.

In addition to that, it also produces a high-quality sound so he can hear what his opponents are saying. It’s comfortable to wear around the ears and head too, thanks to its high-quality and soft pads. Its earmuffs are designed using high-quality leather that is friendly to the skin.

This gaming headset is also compatible with several gaming devices like laptops, PS4s, Xbox and even smartphones.

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Best for the Adventurous Ones: Razor A Kick Scooter

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Product Specs

Item weight 5.4 pounds
Maximum weight capacity 143 lbs
Material type High-Grade Aluminum Aircraft, Urethane Wheels, Foam Grips
Warranty 180 days


  • It unfolds for easy transport and storage
  • It can be adjusted according to your kid’s comfort
  • It’s made of heavy-duty materials
  • It does not require any assembly


  • It does not work well on wet surfaces

As your boy gets enters the teenage years, he will year for independence and Razor A Kick Scooter is one way to help him with that.

The Razor A is among the most popular scooters of Razor and it’s easy to know why. First of all, it is made of high-quality aluminum aircraft and it features urethane wheels; this means this scooter is not only very sturdy but it also makes it every ride very comfortable. And to make this even more comfortable, this scooter boasts foam grips that are soft to the hands.

Its 98 mm urethane wheels also feature durable bearings that are made for speed while its rear fender allows this scooter to immediately stop without any delay. Another thing I like about this product is that it has adjustable handlebars, so your kid can ride comfortably no matter what his height is.

It also features a patented deck and t-tube design so you can easily fold this scooter and place it in your car’s trunk. It also comes in a wide range of colors like Blue, Clear/Black, Pink, Green, Red, and Sweet Pea.

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Best for Electronic Enthusiast: Threeking Smart Robot

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Product Specs

Dimension   11.5 x 7.1 x 4.5 inches
Item weight   1.3 pounds
Batteries   1 Lithium Polymer batteries


  • It teaches your kid about programming
  • It features entertain LED lights and fun dance moves
  • It can perform up to 50 movements
  • It promotes creative play


  • Its stickers tend to peel off quicker than expected

This is not like any other robot, what makes this unique is that your boy can have fun programming this little bot up to 50 different movements; this only means that the fun will be endless.

He can program it to dance, sing, patrol your house, avoid obstacles and so much more. He can even teach it to follow his gestures and to move forward, backward, turn around, right, left, etc. His joints are even flexible enough making its move even more realistic and you can’t deny how cute it is with its little LED eyes lit up.

It comes with remote control and it is gesture-operated. Though programming is a little tedious, it will be a great opportunity for your kid to improve hand-to-eye coordination, motor skills, dexterity, analyzing cause and effect while he’s having fun.

Also, this is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) toy making it a great introduction into the world of programming and electronics which are both productive and interesting career fields if your kid continues to show interest.

Best for Outdoor Lovers: Luxebell Accessories Kit for Action Camera

Shop now at Amazon

Product Specs

Dimension 9.8 x 7.9 x 2.7 inches
Item weight 1.54 pounds
No. of pieces 14 pieces


  • It features a floating handle with a waterproof shell
  • It comes with J-hook that makes steady shooting possible
  • It has a wrist strap mount he can wear while doing outdoor activities
  • Its head strap is adjustable


  • Some users complained that its mounting stick does not stick

With today’s use of social media, I’m sure your teenager is also starting to get interested in taking photos or videos. This is such a great hobby he can enjoy, so why don’t you show him your support by giving him this set that is loaded with tons of accessories that will keep him shooting and packing up great memories in your next adventure?

The set is composed of all useful accessories that will make your kid feel like a pro. For instance, It has a handheld monopod and tripod which you can mount on the adapter. This particular monopod works great with all digital cameras as well as compact points which have timers so nobody’s going to be missing during group photos.

And he wants to explore shooting in the water? Well, this kid will make it easy for your kid. This kit boasts a floating handle as well as a waterproof shell that makes taking incredible shots in the water possible. Another feature I like is the J-hook. If you’re taking your little man with you on a bike trail, he can simply hook the camera and still be able to get a steady shot as both of you keep going.

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Best for RC Lovers: Altair Fast Remote Control Truck

Shop now at Amazon

Product Specs

Dimension 17.9 x 12.6 x 6.6 inches
Item weight 4 pounds
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries


  • It crawls well in rocky areas
  • It features high speeds
  • It’s easy to control
  • It’s made of a heavy-duty plastic shell


  • It takes time to charge

Without a doubt, your boy will love this all-around remote control truck. It is packed with incredible features for all skill levels and the best part is that it is pretty affordable too. It comes with four-wheel drive as well as four-wheel independent suspension, this means it will effortlessly and smoothly move through rocky areas and other challenging terrains.

And if your kid needs some speed, he will be glad as this RC truck features Power Pro. He can race this truck up to 30 mph. But if he is still a beginner, don’t worry as he can choose between the available two-speed modes so he will not feel overwhelmed driving this truck at full speed. If he is still not yet comfortable going faster, he can just put it into slower speed mode.

In addition to that, its transmitter boasts 2.4 GHz frequency so you don’t have to worry about any radio interference as your boy drives. The only downside of this product is that the batteries for its transmitter are not included in its package, so make sure to pick up one after purchasing this truck.

Best for Camera Lovers: Ourlife Kids Waterproof Camera

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Product Specs

Dimension 2.3 x 2.3 x 1 inches
Item weight 11.2 ounces
Batteries 1 Lithium Metal batteries


  • It’s waterproof
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s durable enough to endure your kid’s daily activities


  • It’s a bit small

This HD action camera has been designed with kids in mind. Whether he is biking around your neighborhood, making splashes at your favorite waterpark or sledding down the hill, Ourlife Kids Waterproof Camera will let your little videographer capture his adventures through great photos and videos.

It can record up to 720p HD video and take 5-megapixel still images. It has even additional features like the 7 color shooting mode as well as six fun graphic frame filters for still images. This is a great first video camera you can gift your kid, especially that it is very durable to handle tumbles and drops.

It comes in a waterproof case that features IP68 that guarantees safe and reliable usage in water with a depth of up to 33 feet. In addition to that, it also comes with a neck strap so your kid can conveniently carry it anywhere he goes. It also has mounting kits for helmets and bicycles for safer use.

Best for Creative Play: LEGO Technic WHACK! 42072 Building Kit

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Product Specs

Dimension 10.3 x 5.5 x 2.8 inches
Item weight 13.1 ounces
Batteries None Required


  • It’s extremely robust that can support rough handling
  • It looks once completely built
  • It features great speed


  • Your kid might find it a little tricky to put the pieces together at the start

Well, without a doubt, this supercar will never fail to fascinate young boys. This is a great gift idea to let his imagination do wonders as he creates his supercar using Lego pieces. It is composed of a total of 165 pieces that will engage your kid in creative play for hours.

This STEM toy makes it possible to build a toy ca with a powerful pull-back motor that allows your kid to experience remarkable power and acceleration. And when it crashes, you will see his engine popping out of the car body on impact.

Another thing I like about this supercar is its wide black rims with low profile tires that are built to race since it offers ultimate grip and of course, it features attractive, bright colors too.

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Buying Guide: How to Choose A Good Gift Ideas for 13-Year-Old Boys?

When your child starts shifting from being a kid to being a teenager, it can be challenging to figure out what to get them for their birthday or any other occasion. When your boy enters their teenage years, you must give them gifts that will not only let them have fun but at the same time make them more inquisitive.

So here are some tips you should bear in mind when choosing toys and gifts.

Consider his interest

Teenage boys are well-known for being selective for a reason. So make sure you spend some time getting to know his interest from the latest toy gadgets to his favorite colors. You can check out what he already owns or the hobbies he’s been spending time during the weekend and you can start from there.

If it is your child, I’m sure you will easily have an idea of what will possibly work and what will not. But if you’re buying for a friend or a relative, it would be best if you ask them some questions without giving them a clue.

Ask questions

As I’ve already mentioned, you can feel free to ask questions so you could get a feel for what the right gift could be. But don’t just ask a simple yes or no question, try to be as creative as possible in your conversations in a way that he could directly tell you what he’s preferences and interests are.

Some of the great questions that you can ask are: “How do you like to spend your weekend?”, “Do you have a favorite band?”, “What’s your favorite color?”, etc. Don’t forget to tell him about yourself or share your interest with him too, this will make your discussion flow more naturally.

Ask his parents or friends

If you find it challenging to ask him questions without giving the game away, why don’t you speak directly with the boy’s friends or better yet, his parents? This will simply give you great ideas from the people closest to the boy and will give you the guarantee that you’re buying something that he will like and appreciate.

If you already have an idea in mind, this will also be a good opportunity to confirm that your gift will be received well.

Check out his social media account

His social media account will be a good way to further find out his interest. Take a peek at his account and check out what type of content he’s been trying to engage in. If you’re lucky, you might catch him liking posts about the same band over and over or see him frequently sharing posts about a certain toy.

This will generally give you a great idea of his interest and will bring you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the best perfect gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make sure that I get the most value of my money?

Rest assured that with these incredible and exciting ideas, your teen will get the most out of his experience. Most of these items work well in promoting more bonding time with the family since these gifts made sure that it involves interaction with multiple parties.

Some good items promote creativity as well as a healthy lifestyle that is active and full of adventure.

How to make sure that I’m choosing a gift that will keep my teen’s attention and promote mind expansion

Several items are appealing to a range of development levels, so I’m sure you will find one that your boy will be thrilled about. Exploring and expanding the mind will be much easier with access to some pretty cool gadgets.

Most of these items also provide a sense of independence, especially the ones that involve DIY activities as well as personalized creations.

What do you mean by educational gifts?

Educational gifts are kind of gifts that deliver learning experiences to your teen. These can be robots that can encourage and teach him some programming skills to simulators that help improve his mental stimulation.

What’s great with educational gifts is that they will help grow the brain even to those most learning-resistant kids.


We need to face the fact that buying gifts for teens is not an easy job to accomplish. They have already outgrown the little kid stuff you used to buy for them. Luckily, these best toys and gift ideas for 13-year-old boys I’ve mentioned above are here to impress.

As long as you consider his new-found interest and discoveries, I’m sure you will be buying him a gift that lets him have fun and make his life even more exciting. Anyway, if you still have any more questions, feel free to leave them at the comment section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I will see you in the next article.

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