Easy Easter Bunny Headbands for Preschoolers

Today we have another cute little Easter bunny craft for preschoolers! We make printable Easter bunny headbands! A super quick and easy substitute for all DIY Easter bonnet needs or for the Easter parade. So cute!

bunny headbands

This is a quick build – great for little hands to practice their cutting and coloring skills. You can also print this simple design onto colored paper and then it’s a super quick and easy craft if you need to say 30 of them for a class Easter party or a school play ! Super quick and easy to do.

The printable IS from my paying teacher’s shop.. but if you don’t want to buy it, you can of course take inspiration from today’s design and make your own! This is a super simple creation – a circle/oval for the bunny’s face, add ovals for the ears and draw a simple face. Accomplished job! And you can still participate!

Supplies needed to make a paper bunny headband for Easter:

  • printer paper, lightweight card stock, or construction paper in desired colors
  • the scissors
  • pen (if you created your own model)/colored pencils/caryons if you are coloring white card/paper
  • glue stick / stapler

As mentioned, the template IS in my paid teachers’ shop, but you can make your own!

How to make a bunny headband for preschoolers this Easter

Start by printing your templates on lightweight card stock or paper. You can choose any color combination you like. It works great with just white paper…but you can go with brown, pink, blue, green…and whatever spring pastels you want.

Alternatively, you can draw your own designs on construction paper –

printable simple easter headband
Use our simple bunny printables

If you draw your own, you will need to:

  • Draw a circle (you can draw around a glass or a tin can)
  • Draw two ovals for the bunny ears.
  • Add a simple bunny face!

If you print – you will find that the first sheet prints two sides – so enough for two headbands and the second sheet is enough for ONE headband, so you will need to print two to go with the faces!

Color your bunny
Decorate your bunny faces however you like!

Ask the children to color the bunnies (if they wish!). You can of course print on colored paper. You can also have fun with pencils, crayons or watercolors! Experience!

Once colored, carefully cut out the bunny heads. This great cutting practice.

Then cut out the strips of paper that make up the headband.

Glue a strip on the second strip of paper.

Measure your child’s head as you go. Glue the end of the second strip of paper to the first strip to form a “loop” that fits snugly around your child’s head. The paper SHOULD be suitable for most preschoolers. If necessary, use the cutouts to insert a panel for larger children.

Then stick your rabbit head on the front of the headband!

bunny headbands
Kids will love these simple Easter hats!

Ta-daaaa your super duper easy Easter bunny headbands are done and ready to wear! Aren’t they cute?

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