Easy Origami Tulip Tutorial with Step by Step Instructions

Learn how to make an easy paper tulip! This origami tulip stands freely but is also great for collages and card making (especially great for Mother’s Day cards and birthday cards. This is a great origami tulip project for preschoolers and beginners Learn using our step-by-step instructions or our handy video tutorial!

Easy tulip origami.  Teach origami to children with this paper tulip origami for beginners.  Easy origami for beginners #tulip #paper flowers #origami #kidsorigami
We have been making origami paper tulips since March 2016!

Spring is in the air. Mother’s Day is fast approaching and today we have a beautiful little and Easy Paper Tulip Crafts for you!

These paper tulips are super easy and would look great on a greeting card, as part of a large collage, or make them with stems and have them as “standalone” decorations.

They are also an excellent Origami project for beginners (we have many more ideas for you!!), because they are so quick and easy to make. We’ve become a little obsessed with paper crafts – because you can make them almost anywhere and anytime – all you need is a pad of paper!! Origami has many educational benefits and you will be surprised to learn that even very young children can try origami. And this origami tulip is the perfect project to get your kids started!

If you glue the two parts together, I think this simple paper tulip…would work really well as Easy Tulip Origami BookmarkYou do not think ?!

To make an easy paper tulip, you will have the following supplies:

Easy tulip origami.  Teach origami to children with this paper tulip origami for beginners.  Easy beginner origami.  Easy tulip origami bookmark #tulip #paper flowers #origami #kidsorigami
  • Square origami piece of paper for tulip flower head 12cm x 12cm
  • Sheet of green paper for the stem 15cm x 15cm*
  • Scissors (for cutting and connecting)

*it’s really not an exact science! You can experiment with different paper sizes if you like!

How to make an easy paper tulip tutorial:

It really is the easiest origami flower to make! A great project for beginners and young children for spring, Easter or Mother’s Day craft and art projects. Watch our quick video instructions or follow the step-by-step photo instructions below. There are two options for the rod.

An origami rod shared in the video or the simpler “paper straw” rod shown below. Choose what suits you best!

Necessary time : 5 minutes.

Origami tulips are super easy to make and make a great spring project for preschoolers or a paper flower for kids of all ages!

  1. Origami Tulip Flower – Step 1 Create a Triangle

    Turn your square piece of paper, so you have a diamond shape in front of you. Fold the paper UP on the diagonal to form a triangle.

    Origami Tulip

  2. Shape the head of the tulip

    Fold the center of your triangle to create a “guiding crease”. Open again. Now you know where the middle of your paper flower is. Fold the sides at an angle to form a large left flap. According to the picture. These are the petals of the tulip. Then repeat for the right side.

    Origami Tulip

  3. Final details on the origami tulip head

    Flip your paper over and fold in the sides to shape your paper tulip! The basic origami flower is complete. Now for a rod.

    Origami Tulip

  4. How to make a rod

    The video shared in this blog post shows you how to make an ORIGAMI rod. However, you can also choose this other method of wrapped paper straw.
    Take the green paper and start rolling it up diagonally. Using a toothpick or thin brush should help. Secure with a little glue.

    Cut a shear from the bottom of the tulip head and insert it. Completed. If you make the origami stem version, your tulip will also be able to stand upright and will have leaves (watch the autoplay video for this part of the tutorial)!

    Flower stem

Aren’t these paper tulips just adorable? I think they make a great origami project for any age group…but are mostly a cute preschool spring craft, don’t you think?

As mentioned above, we have lots of paper craft and origami ideas for kids…lots of ideas to get down to business and try to discover your love for paper!!! There are paper crafts for all skill levels – many for beginners and also some for those who are feeling more confident and want to try something new!

Take a look at our Origami for Kids (aka Beginners) here:

origami for kids FB

Easy tulip origami.  Teach origami to children with this paper tulip origami for beginners.  Easy origami for beginners #tulip #paper flowers #origami #kidsorigami

This origami video tutorial is also available in a slightly longer format on YouTube:

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