Paper Plate Bunny Purse for Easter

It’s time for a cute Easter craft for preschoolers. Try to make adorable Cardboard Plate Rabbit Coin Purse or our paper chick purse. A super cute craft that toddler or preschooler will love to “wear” and use afterwards. The perfect accessory for the Easter egg hunt or Easter parade dress!

Paper Plate Rabbit Coin Purse
With 3 paper plates, you can make a bunny and chick purse!

We love simple crafts that you can enjoy with the kids. Here’s a great little DIY for Easter (or any time of the year really… but especially for Easter!!) use leftover paper plates and turn them into these adorable little bunny and chick purses . They are super quick and easy to make and will make you want to make more and more!

This article shows you how to make the Paper Plate Bunny Purse – with step by step photos. If you’re after JUST the paper plate chick.. jump here:

paper plate chick
You can also make these cute paper chick purses!

Supplies needed to make this adorable paper Easter bunny purse!

3 paper plates are needed for this bunny DIY
It doesn’t take much to make an Easter bunny paper plate!
  • 2 paper plates for the rabbit, 1 paper plate for the chick
  • Wool or ribbon for the strap
  • The scissors
  • Paint and accessories such as feathers or felt
  • Glue
  • Stapler (optional)

How to Make a Paper Plate Bunny Coin Purse for Easter

The auto-playing video shows you how to make the Paper Plate Chick Purse…and we’ve got step-by-step photos for your version of the Easter Bunny here!

1. Prepare your paper plate

cut the paper plate in half
The first paper plate will make the purse

The nice thing is that you don’t need to use paint for the bunny version – you can just use pens if you want. If you’re making a chick, you’ll need to paint it yellow first (or any color you like!! The chick doesn’t have to be yellow!). Once dry.. or if you keep plain white, cut your paper plate in half.

2. Make your Easter bunny ears

shape the paper plate into the shape of ears
The second paper plate is used for the ears of the Easter bunny

For the bunny, you’ll need to cut out some ears – you can see above how to make the most of your plate to get some nice big bunny ears. You can also use a plain white card if you prefer.

3. Attach bunny ears to your paper wallet

stick the ears on one half of the paper plate
Attached paper plate bunny ears

Glue/staple or tape your ears in place. The glue will take some time to dry. You may want to tape or staple

4. Assemble your basic paper wallet

connect the two paper plates in a purse
Connect the two paper plate halves, together with the ribbon

Place your ribbon or yarn between your paper plates and now add plenty of glue to hold the two sides together, as well as to secure the ribbon in place.

For the chick, we stapled this.

So you can see that both are beautiful! Stapling IS faster… but gluing may be easier for young children.

Another way to do this is to “punch” holes all around the base and then turn that into a lacing activity.

5. Decorate your paper purse to look like a bunny

add bunny ears colors
Use markers or paint to add bunny ear features and color.

Paint your details – we used paint for the ears, nose and cheeks and the pen for the black details.

ADD THE bunny face
Add the Easter Bunny’s facial features with markers or paint

You can use markers only if you prefer… for the chick we glued some feathers (you can draw them or use cardboard) and some felt for the beak (again use cardboard if you prefer) and drew in one eye!

easter bunny paper plate
Your paper bunny purse is complete! Your preschooler will love it!


Aren’t they adorable?! The kids couldn’t decide who wanted which.. so the big thing is…. We can make ANOTHER SET IN NO TIME because they are so quick and easy to make…. Handsome!

Enjoy our little thrifty Easter DIY and hope to see you again soon!

We have another fun paper plate bunny for you – these little guys rock!

rocking bunny paper plate
rocking paper bunnies

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If you liked this bunny paper plate coin purse, why not pin it on Pinterest to keep it safe?

how to make a paper plate easter bunny
Making a paper plate bunny purse is quick and easy! And damn it!
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