Simple Pop-up Cards for Easter for Kids of all ages

We love making handmade Easter cards. The time of a Simple Pop-Up Easter Card. This is a super simple pop-up mechanism and you can combine any Easter design or Easter design “pop” with this DIY. We decided to make our Origami Bunny Pop-Up… but anything goes! A super easy Easter craft that kids will love.

easy easter pop up card

The best thing? No templates are needed to create this lovely card and you can go crazy with the details – for example, drawing or cutting out Easter eggs. Write speech bubbles and puns. And add personalized messages!

As mentioned, we used our simple origami bunny face for this pop-up Easter card, but you can also grab a hole from our iconic bunnies printables and use them? ! Either way, I hope you enjoy this easy craft today!

Supplies needed for a simple pop-up card:

  • Construction paper/paper in desired colors (for 6 x 6 inch origami) or lightweight card for your own designs
  • Card stock or collage paper (6 x 9 inch cards folded in half) if making cards
  • Scraps of paper to decorate the final card
  • Pens / markers / pencils etc.
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

If you work in a classroom, Sunday school, or library, you mind checking out our helpful Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s Printable Worksheets! It includes a lesson plan, the pop-up mechanism worksheet, and the origami bunny tutorial.

hoppy easter cards

How to Make an Easter Bunny Pop-Up Card – Step by Step Instructions

Start by taking your measurements! You need to know the width of your card, so now you know how big your “pop up mechanism” and/or your pop up design (in our case the origami bunny) is. As you will need to make sure your pop up is contained within the map.

easy pop-up

You will need a piece of card folded in half – here we used a 6 inch x 9 inch card.

Cut a strip of cardboard (or 2 pieces of paper taped together) – about 1 inch x 4 inches.

Fold the strip into four equal sections by folding it in half and folding it again.

The key: The with pop up (in this case 1 inch) + the height of your design, must be the same or less than the width of your card. To prevent something from “squirting out”. You can adjust the 1 inch pop-up or the origami/drawing to make sure everything fits! Or use a bigger piece of card

how to make a pop up

Fold it up, so make a little “cube” like in the picture.

Add glue to both ends of the paper strip.

diy pop up

Then position them in the fold of the card as shown in the photo. Make sure the paper opening mechanism is secure and folds/moves well when opening and closing the card.

add your details to the pop up

Add some glue to the back of your pop-up design – you can use anything – an origami you’ve made or a drawing or photo.

The Key: As mentioned, but I’ll say it again… The pop up (in this case 1 inch) + the height of your design, must be the same or less than the width of your card. To prevent something from “squirting out”.

Glue it to the front of the pop-up mechanism. Add other details to the rest of the card, such as dabbers, personalized messages or designs to complete your pop-up design!

fun details

Now is the time to have some fun with your decorations and puns. I made an origami bunny (the origami bunny video tutorial is also on “autoplay” or hop here for step-by-step photo instructions!

And explore what is the best placement of your decorations and additional bubbles! You can add it to the bottom of the card or…

hoppy easter cards
A fabulous addition to any Happy Easter card making session!

… the top of your card. Many possibilities to add many more details as decorations on your cards and to add a personalized message too! Don’t forget to write your Happy Easter greetings inside the card too! Now all you have to do is put it in an envelope and give it to someone special on Easter!

Feeling inspired by this pop-up Easter card? We have a fantastic set of handmade Easter cards for you to check out if you want to make more!

Easy to make Easter cards
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