Top 30 Best Cheap Baby Toys Reviews 2020

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Toys are seemingly simple things for children. However, more than that, toys are the first children’s trinkets to be exposed to and learned from that. Choosing a toy that suits your interests, age, and other educational purposes is always a big question for parents.

toys are not suitable for your age, and educational purposes will be very
harmful to your baby. The price of the toys is also worrying. Good quality toys
cost too much. A cheap little toy is of poor quality. Finding a toy that is
both reasonable and sound quality is stringent.

in this article, I guide you on how to choose the best cheap and highest
quality baby toys. And you will also find it more trustworthy when using such
famous brands, which are very beloved by all parents.

What Are The Best Cheap Baby Toys?

  • Best overall: Mickey Mouse Music Mat
  • Best for children under 5 years: 3-in-1 Sports Zone Baby Toy
  • Best for Girls: Barbie Cake Decorating Playset
  • Best for Boys: Transformers Dark of The Moon
  • Best for Learning: Candy Land Kingdom
  • Best Design: Classic Brick Box
  • Best Budget: Munchkin Garanimals Stacking Cups Bath Toys Set
  • Best Material: K’s Kids My First Book of Activities
  • Best for Parents playing with their Babies: Magic Touch Curiosity Tablet
  • Best longevity: Baby Lovely Plush Socks Bells + Hand Bells Toys

Top 10 Best Cheap Baby Toys Reviews 2020

Best overall: Mickey Mouse Music Mat

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Product Specs

Dimension 15 x 2.2 x 11.8 inches 
Item weight 14.4 ounces
Size Full
Recommended age 3 years and up
Batteries 3 AA batteries required

  • Interactive game
  • Like a rug
  • Neat
  • Stimulate children’s intelligence

  • The default tracks are too few

product is an excellent game for babies who love music. Best suited for
toddlers, this music carpet will be an exciting experience for the first steps
in life. Unique music carpet!

is an interactive, digital piano. There are four pre-programmed tunes and sound
effects with three different selection modes. Step one allows your child to
walk on the rug and the music plays. The second step is the preprogrammed

third step is the function to remember the music that has created before. It is
a great function to store your child’s creative results. Maybe your child is a
musical genius?

Best for children under 5 years: 3-in-1 Sports Zone Baby Toy

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Product Specs

Dimension 34.5 x 14.5 x 24.5 inches
Item weight 6 pounds
Size Full
Recommended age 9 month – 3 years
Batteries 3 AA batteries required

  • Help your baby to practice sports and increase height
  • Bright colors
  • Creative structure

  • The plastic frames are not too strong

exciting sports game for children under five years old! A trio of sports that
integrates soccer, basketball, and bowling to help your baby build health and
sports habits from a young age. Also, let your baby explore many new sports to
uncover your baby’s interests and talents in the future!

eye-catching colorful toy set attracts babies. Three mode buttons on the
backboard grow with baby: learn (teaches numbers, colors, and shapes), move
(lights and sounds encourage movement), and games (teaches the child to follow

the baby throws the ball into the basket, sound and light emit to congratulate
the baby. Basketball has adjustable loops to grow with your child. The
backboard lights up and features over 75 rewarding sounds and phrases that
activate when shots made! Plus, it folds up compactly for secure storage.

Best for Girls: Barbie Cake Decorating Playset

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Product Specs

Dimension 15.5 x 3 x 12.8 inches
Item weight 1.44 pounds
Size King
Recommended age 36 months – 10 years

  • Bright colors
  • Suitable for girls
  • Inspire the love of cooking

  • The objects are quite small
  • The food is not diverse

This gift suitable for all girls. Any girl has a great love for kitchen toys, doctors, fashion, etc. These toys are the dream gift of girls when they are young. When using this toy, the girl will become a little chef. I believe this kitchen set will keep your kids at home all day.

This creativity product is a perfect recipe dedicated for your girls’ playtime with 3 Barbie dough containers in confetti, pink, and blue that work well with the distinguish features of the working set. Its’ bakery island owns 3 play areas that kids may bake, decorate as well as display their beautiful cakes. There is also places to keep and store about ten pieces that included. 

Meanwhile, young bakers may help Barbie doll make 2-layer cakes which “rise” in their oven, decorate both sides with some spinning stencils before topping with unique toppers. Then,  they can sell these cakes at the box and register or cut before serving themselves on a handy plate. It is indeed easy for creative imagination and small hands.

This gift is an adorable set. This set holds her interest more than most games: it allows for creativity and open-ended role play. The collection is simple to assemble while coming with the standard Barbie. There is no minimal articulation and bendable parts but you will soon prefer the modern dolls here.

Best for Boys: Transformers Dark of The Moon

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Product Specs

Dimension 2.5 x 6 x 9.1 inches
Item weight 2.88 ounces
Size King Size
Recommended age 8 years and up

  • Realistic reproduction of famous film
  • Suitable for all boys
  • Luxurious silver color
  • Demonstrate the strong

  • Robot’s moving joints are quite hard and fragile

The game takes inspiration from the characters of the transformer film, creating the iconic and characteristic robots of the film. The scenes in the movie reproduce faithfully: the darkness of the moon, sound waves, and lasers patiently waiting for orders from Megatron.

Reach past the large screen and set up the ultimate Transformers toys with Studio Series figures, inspired by excellent movie shots and designed with specs and details to reflect the Transformers movie universe.

Deluxe class items are collectible actions inspired by several iconic scenes from movies and designed attractively with details and specs to reflect well the Transformers universe.

With the scale soundwave of 4.5 inches, the figure can be highly articulated while featuring movie-inspired, vivid deco. It includes the detailed beak accessory that can attach closely to the arm.

Inspired by the big screen, the figure scale may reflect the size of characters in the Transformer’s world named “Dark of the moon”. The iconic hideout scene named Serengeti comprises figure and packaging.

Also, we should mention about its two iconic modes, including figure converted between car and robot mode in about 19 steps. This product is perfect for many fans searching for an advanced converting option. All kids aged from eight and above can play it well.

With the removable backdrop, you may display and pose the soundwave game figure in its Serengeti scene with your own style.

for Learning: Candy Land Kingdom

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Product Specs

Dimension 1.2 x 15.8 x 10.6 inches
Item weight 1.12 pounds
Size King
Recommended age 3 months – 6 years

  • No reading required to play
  • For 2 to 4 players
  • Skills needed to recognize color

  • Supply is limited

memory training game extremely suitable for babies who cannot read yet. The
game teaches identification and color matching while reinforcing the lesson of
taking turns and becoming charming winners or losers.

content is not new but very special: “Once upon a time, King Kandy,
Emperor Bonbon and Grand Jujube of Candy Land disappeared.” Therefore,
begin the magical journey of Milton Bradley’s classic Candy Land chess game.

by the story of a kidnapped king and eager to help find him, little people move
their gingerbread along a rainbow path and across a land of human beings: candy
supplies, all themes of the Kandy kingdom.

child’s first game, Candy Land, is a colorful way for a preschooler to
experience the joy of gameplay. The game teaches color recognition and matching
while reinforcing the lesson of taking turns and being a gracious winner or

will love to see the smile on a young person’s face as they travel through
Candy Land.

Best Design: Classic Brick Box

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Product Specs

Dimension 14.6 x 7.1 x 7.1 inches
Item weight 2.2 pounds
Size Queen
Recommended age 18 months and up

  • The characters are friendly and basic: a male and a female
  • Basic toy set suitable for all babies
  • The bricks combine nicely
  • Various colors

  • Quite easy for babies who have played lots of lego

LEGO DUPLO Brick Box is one great starter game set in the DUPLO collection. These bricks come handy and packaged inside a green oversized box made of plastic. The lid  of the set locks in a right place securely. Its container is considered a robust well-made product. This toy has enough room for more bricks in the case that you want to buy additional sets.

There are many DUPLOs came with this beautiful set. You can choose from regular bricks like rectangles and squares to unique items like curved bricks, a car body and chassis, flowers, peaked bricks, chairs, and cylinders. Also included in the set are 2 mini-figures, one boy and one girl. 

The bricks were nicely finished and well made. The set is one free-build product. However, you can search the guidance from one small handful booklet came with various building ideas which cover many complexity levels.

Familiar objects may stimulate colorful shapes, and young minds as well as create free-building time, making the LEGO DUPLO set become the wonderful way to make fund and inspire young builders. Inside a sturdy box for storage, you will find a small car with 4 moving wheels, flowers, a roof, bread, window, and people figures. There are number 1, 2, 3 stated in bricks coming with the lovely assortment of blocks originally placed in an inviting color rainbow.

Budget: Munchkin Garanimals Stacking Cups Bath Toys Set

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Product Specs

Dimension 7.9 x 5.7 x 4.8 inches
Item weight 5 ounces
Size XL
Batteries No

  • Lovely color
  • Suitable for baths
  • Help your baby’s bathing time easier!

  • Set does not include many items

A simple but effective set of bath toys helps keep your baby focused while bathing. The adorable hippo water let a user can sit fitted inside a stacker. The set includes magic stackers with four colors. Let’s watch images which will gradually appear in the stacking cups by adding enough warm water. 

It has five pieces in total, providing funny time for toddlers and kids as they nest, stack, pour, strain, squirt, and watch images appear magically. Therefore, this toy is a perfect bath items and an ideal stacking cup dedicated for toddlers and babies.

Best Material: K’s Kids My First Book of Activities

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Product Specs

Dimension 11.3 x 2.1 x 9.2 inches
Item weight 9.6 ounces
Size XL
Recommended age 18 months and up

  • Lovely color
  • Safe material
  • Interesting content

  • Book design pretty little story

cloth book talks about your baby’s daily activities. With absolute safety
material, washable, and long-term use, this gift is a toy suitable for teething
babies. You are creating a reading habit for your baby at the same time that is
safe for your baby and provides many lessons about his life. What a wonderful
gift this is!

Best for Parents playing with their Babies: Magic Touch Curiosity Tablet

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Product Specs

Dimension 5.8 x 1 x 7.5 inches
Item weight 6.4 ounces
Size XL
Batteries Yes

  • Modern features
  • There is a memory function
  • Rugged wooden design

  • The sound is too small

colors and numbers to first words in three different languages, this tablet toy
is a tool that encourages the development of excellent motor skills with every
press of a tile. Baby Einstein buddies will introduce your little one to 48+
melodies and sounds to help stimulate his senses.

durable design of this wooden toy means you won’t have to worry about cracked
screens or protection plans. Baby will love to discover something new with
every touch of this unique musical toy.

longevity: Baby Lovely Plush Socks Bells + Hand Bells Toys

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Product Specs

Dimension —– 
Item weight 110g
Size Twin
Recommended age 3 years and up

  • Colorful socks
  • Many beautiful shapes

  • The fabric is quite thin

soft socks are both functional for keeping your baby warm and a baby’s toy.
With excellent craft and delicate seam, focused on every detail, bringing your
child an enjoyable playing experience.

helpful educational toy to improve children’s intellectual development, hands,
and brain, interest cultivation. The socks have a long shelf life and do not
expire or break like other toys.

Cheap Baby Toys Buyer Guide: What to Consider When Buying?

great cheap gift is something that both inspires babies and captivates them
with that game set, as well as valuable learning materials for the kids. The
best thing parents can do for their children is to create an open, learning
environment that does not cause boredom.

find a suitable cheap toy set for baby choose according to the following


first is the price. However, there is no exact definition of a cheap gift; this
depends on the needs and affordability of each family.

Depends on your child’s interests

course, with any gift, you need to rely on his preference to choose. In case
you don’t know what he likes, some safe options are Lego-themed cars, cars,
robots, etc. These are the options you can consider. Not sure that all boys
will love these games, but most are. No boy will refuse a space lego suit!

The material of the toy

there are many manufacturers of toys with plastics that are harmful to human
health. Parents need to choose reputable suppliers and ensure that the type of
plastic they use makes toys that are not harmful to a player’s health. Besides,
an accompanying medical certificate is required.

Top 10 Baby Toys Brands


is a toy brand from the famous Walt Disney corporation. This renowned group has
a long history with a series of children’s products: Cartoons, cartoon toys,
even the giant amusement park that brings Walt Disney world to life.

Disney brand toys always distinguish by depicting Disney cartoon characters
such as Mickey mice, princesses, wooden horses, etc.

from this brand are always the first choice of parents. Diverse toys at
reasonable prices, familiar cartoon characters, and the Disney brand build
themselves a foothold in the world of children’s toys.

Little tickets

Little Tikes brand was born in 1970 and originated in the US, under MGA
Entertainment. Initially, the best-selling scooters in the United States, and
by 2006, the largest corporation in the United States, MGA Entertainment,
acquired the brand and grew more and more.

brand’s products manufacture in Poland, USA; China only exported to European
and American countries, not sold to the Chinese market. MGA owns and develops
brands that have won prestigious awards for toys such as Moxie Girl, BFC Ink, 4
Ever Kid, and Rescue Pets. MGA products are present at all prestigious
children’s toy centers and leading online toy supermarkets worldwide.


has become a symbol of beauty and intelligence, charm, always actively
participating in contemporary fashion trends with its unique features.

Barbie, the girls can share their wishes, help them find their way, open a new
world where they can make their dreams come true. Barbie focuses on modern
toys, describing everyday life. The fully equipped kitchen toys such as a real
house, princess room, or doctor room are all faithfully reproduced.

toy company has never disappointed adults and always surprises children.
Quality and unique toys still consume in large quantities. Barbie became the
favorite brand of many babies!


is a hugely successful movie franchise brand. The company focuses on a wide
range of cosmic combat toys, with modern and functional alien superhero heroes.
The main contents of the transformers product line are relentless battles for
peace for the earth, between superheroes and dark forces.

people always win over bad guys. Our peaceful world needs heroes to protect
them. Perhaps this is the message that the toy company wants to convey in its
products. Boys often drawn to such heroes; they can learn from movies and toys.

most profound meaning is probably to form a good character for the children to
finish society, teach them what is right, and defend the weak. The community
can only be useful when people live well, love, and protect each other.

Hasbro Gaming

is an American multinational toy and game company, the world’s second-largest
toymaker after Mattel, whose headquarters located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
Hasbro specializes in producing toys for boys to help children discover, learn
new things, and stimulate the development of intelligence.

a variety of product models, many Hasbro Gaming versions along with its
impressive design, Hasbro games have won the hearts of many children and love
to use them. When parents want their children to play and learn and help
develop intelligence, they should consider toys from this brand!


company’s flagship product, the Lego puzzle, is recognized as the world’s most
popular and popular toy. In the beginning, Lego was simply pieces of plastic
that could be put together for children. Today, that identity has not changed,
but Lego designs and product lines have become extremely rich, including many
topics from movies, TV shows, and video games.

is the birthplace of the Lego toy brand that thrives and ranks first in the
intellectual toy industry, unique and creates a space for children to play
unlimited creativity. With the assembling toys, puzzles from absolute safe
plastic blocks, and diverse designs for each stage of development of the baby.

young Lego assemblies, you will be free to exert your imagination and
creativity. Children can build constructions, robots, vehicles, or even a city
according to their wishes.


is a famous brand of bathroom toys all over the world. Everywhere Munchkin toys
are also trusted in families with young children and dislodge all other brands
when playing with them when taking a bath.

brand is a famous American brand and made of safe materials for children when
playing in the water, which helps them not only be afraid of bathing but also
can have fun and learn many useful things when bathing. With bath toys at a
price not too high, Munchkin is always the first choice of parents!

K’s Kids

Kids is Hong Kong’s well-known children’s toy brand, having more than 15 years
of experience in producing baby toys. K’s Kids has been continually researching
and creating toys that give children tremendous benefits in developing and
perfecting early life skills.

Kids is proud to be a manufacturer of Hong Kong children’s toys from birth to 3
years old. K’S KIDS proves that its products are NOT toys, but also tools to
help children develop comprehensively.

makes K’s Kids reputable all over the world is the superior quality and safety
of materials for children. Next, the outstanding benefits of these toys are to
help children develop comprehensively physically, intellectually, and mentally.

Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein toy firm under
the control of the big Disney company has brought to the children interesting,
useful, and creative games. Baby Einstein’s product line has multiplied from
the original videotapes to CDs and books.

Today, under Disney’s
control, the product line has been expanded to include dolls and children’s
toys (under seven years old), children’s pools, and bamboo utensils made by
Graco and even party items like paper plates, mugs, and hats.


brand is a very famous brand all over the world, and this is a Japanese brand
specializing in providing all kinds of baby furniture, especially newborns for
babies, the color of this line is quite eye-catching, so babies enjoy together.
Ouyawei products are small but handy and exceptionally safe; moms can refer to
Ouyawei toys.

Asked Questions

Which toy brand should you choose?

brand is not so famous when giving a toy. However, to have an excellent gift
and a good shelf life, we should choose to buy from reputable brands. Big
companies will have good plastic material, protecting your child’s health.

they have a high customer care regime, warranty period, or return goods are
doing well. Here, I offer some brands of toy types in the world, such as Lego,
Gudi, Cogo, Star Diamond.

How much is cheap?

is not possible to measure cheapness because it depends on each person’s point
of view. The answer to how much is cheap dependent on the parents’ income and
the type of gift.  Because the price of a
space lego set will be different from the price of a baby’s bathroom kit!

a baby toy for about $50 and above is a reasonable price for baby toys. You can
follow this price to choose a suitable toy for your pocket!

Top Pick

we have provided you with all the information as well as the best choice of
cheap baby toys. However, our top pick is K’s Kids My First Book of Activities.

toy is both rewarding and environmentally friendly and safe for babies. It
would be best if you choose all that are safe for your children, including
toys. Toys are even more critical because babies most exposed to their toys!

You can purchase it here if you have any interest.

comes the end of the full review, and surely have you made up your mind yet,
haven’t you? Hopefully, you will find a suitable detergent for your little
angel according to these top 10 best cheap baby toys. If you have any further
questions, do not hesitate to ask us.

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