Ways to make baby treasury basket

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A discovery basket is a great opportunity for children to exhibit a variety of objects using their senses, such as weighing, smelling, tasting and coloring, in a mixed way.

Providing your babies with their own sets of baskets to discover is a super fun activity. You can start presenting these baskets to your children at the age of four months or even earlier, provided your child can comfortably explore things with their own hands.

The idea of ​​making baby treasure baskets

A discovery, or a treasure, a basket is a simple basket, the bowl could be used as a replacement from time to time, filled with about ten items. By placing various sensory objects in the basket, you could be creative and customize your baskets as you wish, you could help develop your children’s senses.

The discovery basket is best suited for a baby and, in some cases, a young toddler. Basket themes can vary among letter sounds, nature collections, colors, sortable subjects with animals, living room tools or musical items.

Discovery baskets could allow children to practice their senses in a more interactive way as they explore the objects given to them. The Montessori method emphasized that children’s brains develop when they discover a gesture of the hands. When fingers touch an object, feelings and judgments are recorded and sent back to the brain for further development.

Why practice the useful treasure basket for an infant?

The reason for the idea of ​​discovery baskets is that, to the surprise of most young parents, even young children need different textures. To be precise:

  • A desire to connect with nature begins even at the early stage of a human being’s development.
  • Nowadays, many plastic toys are heavily advertised and sold to parents without being proven to provide any benefit to the child.
  • It is believed that babies are able to absorb and acquire new knowledge or new behaviors on a constant basis. In other words, scientifically speaking, adults are better at providing them with things worth discovering.

So how could you deploy this amazing activity for your beloved child?

The right timeline

Some people think this idea should only be rolled out until a child enters their toddler stage, which is more wrong than right. Experts say babies might get along well with discovering ideas after their 4-month-old birthday.

Unknown objects

You will find that these baskets fit best when filled with items that your baby does not have regular access to. However, keep in mind that placed items should always be kept safe for him to play with.

Parents might consider rotating the toys in the middle of a discovery activity so that when your kids start to get a little bored with their current setup, a new injection can add refreshments to playtime.

Position the baskets on a shelf (with a suitable high level)

This will help your child to be more willing to discover early in the exploration process. In doing so, they could make full use of their eyes to discover, their ears to hear (if the objects they gave them could make noise), the nose to practice smelling, the mouth to taste, and the hands to touch.

Introduce materials safe for children only

Make sure that the items you chose from a basket would not harm your child. These objects should not be a choking trigger or bring other hazards. Please consider choosing materials with natural roots to fill your child’s baskets, such as wood, wool, metal (without sharp angles), cotton or leather.

Say the name of the object

Let the prepared treasure basket be viewed and explored simply by your children alone. You can also consider joining them. During the interaction time, you can shout out the objects they are holding, names.

Baby discovery basket ideas

There are many options to choose from when setting up a shopping cart idea. Here we have provided you with some basic choices and remember that you can be as creative as you want under the circumstances where you follow the rules above.

Small rabbit (stuffed)

Each basket needs an adorable stuffed animal and doesn’t miss it in your child’s baskets. These plush items are super soft and cute. Plus, these could be something your kids could play for years to come.

You might consider adding a personalized stuffed animal for your baby by name on the animal’s ear. It would also serve as a keepsake to stay on for a considerable time.

Winkel toy

The Winkel toy is a classic type of baby toy, which can last for centuries. Its flexible shape enhances it to be effortless and fun for your kids to hold. They could practice holding throughout this session. In addition, virtually no noise results and no electricity is required, which would be of considerable benefit to a toy.

It is definitely a good type of treasure basket for young children, as there are a lot of interactions that could be generated from a Winkel toy.


If you haven’t yet tried having some of your cute photos with your baby (preferably a girl) in tu-tu, this activity will help. These toys are undeniably adorable which could be a wonderful filling for a baby discovery basket.

Also, don’t forget that they could also come with their headbands, in matching colors. This headband could also be deployed separately, without the kill-you aspect.

Bow tie

Now an item for the boys and a photo activity too. What items could be better for your little boy than a small set of bow ties? If you’re about to have a boy, know that shopping for baby boy accessories, surprisingly, is just as fun as shopping for baby girls. Many choices of suspenders, hats and bow ties await you.

Discovery Book

If you haven’t yet enjoyed the above items, maybe the idea of ​​a book to discover could help? It might also be the first toy your kids will be interested in and doesn’t reduce the excitement of your kid’s baskets.

These books do not require a lot of preparation effort. However, that doesn’t reduce any of its interesting needs. Each page could make some noise and have a gloomy, happy character looking back. They could also stick to a car seat, which could help distract your kids while you focus on the road in the middle of freeways.

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